Revelian Assessments

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What are Revelian Tests?

Revelian tests are designed and developed by Revelian, a company based in Australia but owned by US company Criteria Corp.

Revelian offers psychometric ability, personality, and emotional intelligence tests that employers use to select the most suitable candidates from those that have applied.

These tests are used in the recruitment and selection for a wide variety of roles and by a wide range of employers to provide insights and data into a candidate's skills, aptitudes, and personality type, i.e., selection data that couldn't be gained from an interview alone.

Employers also use Revelian tests to gain further insights into the current employees around what motivates and drives them in the workplace and how they can foster a better sense of teamwork, motivation, and engagement amongst their staff.

Revelian tests come in different formats. Some Revelian tests are game-based (gamified), and some are more traditional in their structure.

A gamified test brings a different candidate experience to those sitting the tests and offers employers another way to assess the skills they are looking for in candidates.

Employers then use the results and data gained from a Revlian test to help with their recruitment and selection decisions.


What are the Different Types of Revelian Tests?

Depending on the role applied to, candidates may be asked to sit one or more of the 14 different Revelian tests, with each test assessing a specific skill, ability or personality profile as relevant to the role.

These tests include three game-based tests:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Cognitive ability
  • Cognitive aptitude for volume recruitment

As well as a number of other tests that assess skills such as:

  • Employee workplace productivity profile
  • Employee workplace safety profile
  • Employee workplace personality profile
  • Mechanical reasoning
  • Typing skills

The four most commonly used Revelian tests by employers include:

  • Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT)
  • Numerical reasoning test
  • Verbal reasoning test
  • Abstract reasoning test

Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT)

The Revelian cognitive ability test (RCAT) measures a candidate's overall general mental aptitude or ability.

This test demonstrates how well candidates can retain information and use this information as relevant to the role and in the workplace.

The RCAT test is an online timed test with 51 questions to complete in 20 minutes.

The test comprises of three tests in one, each assessing a specific aptitude:

  • Numerical reasoning: assesses a candidate's ability to read, understand and use numerical data.
  • Verbal reasoning: assesses a candidate's ability to read and understand text-based information and then use what they have read to answer questions on this.
  • Abstract reasoning: assesses a candidate's lateral thinking ability in solving problems when presented with abstract data.

The test is designed to be challenging to complete in the allotted time given.

It is recommended that candidates work quickly but accurately. Be careful not to waste too much time on a question; if you aren't sure of the answer, move on to the next question so you have the best chance to answer as many questions as you can.

The test is designed so you can revisit any unanswered questions if you have time remaining.

Results from the test give an insight into a candidate's critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Numerical Reasoning Test

The Revelian numerical reasoning test assesses a candidate's numerical ability and how well they can deal with, understand and apply numerical principles and concepts.

This is a timed test lasting 12 minutes with 25 questions to complete in this time.

This test is made up of numerical information that is presented in the form of charts, graphs, or data sets. Candidates must use their understanding of mathematical principles to answer the questions and note down their answers. The numerical reasoning test differs from some tests in that the answers are not given as a list of multiple choice answers.

Candidates are again advised to work quickly but accurately, moving on to the next question if you aren't sure of the answer. It is worth remembering that marks can only be awarded for correct answers, so it is essential to make sure you have answered as many questions as you can in the allotted time. It is also worth noting that calculators can not be used in this test.

Verbal Reasoning Test

The verbal reasoning test by Revelian assesses how well a candidate can read and understand verbal information then use this information accordingly, i.e., their ability to reason with words.

The test is a timed test, with 35 questions to answer in 10 minutes.

Short passages of information are provided, along with a series of answers. Candidates need to read and understand this information and select the answer(s) from the list given.

While there are 35 questions to complete, most candidates do not manage to complete all of the 35 questions in the 10 minutes allocated.

For this reason, it is advisable to work quickly, answering the questions where you are able to and moving on to the next question if you get stuck. This way, you give yourself the best opportunity to correctly answer as many of the questions in the test as possible.

Abstract Reasoning Test

The abstract reasoning test measures a candidate's ability to solve problems based on abstract data. There are 32 questions in this test with 10 minutes to complete the test.

Questions are presented in the form of data such as diagrams, shapes, or patterns. This data can be abstract, so be mirror images or shapes that are rotated. Candidates need to read and analyse this data and then determine the relationship or sequence between these data. Then, answer questions on what would follow next in the pattern or sequence or which shapes do not belong.

Many candidates do not answer all of the 32 questions in the allotted time. Working quickly and not spending too much time on any one question if you aren't sure means you give yourself the best opportunity to answer as many questions correctly as possible.

Other Revelian Tests

In addition to the four most commonly used Revelian tests, there are various tests that employers can also use as part of their recruitment and selection process.

These tests each assess a specific skill, aptitude, or personality profile:

  • Cognify : this is a game-based assessment that focuses on a candidate's overall problem-solving ability as linked to their applied role. The assessment takes the form of six mini-games with a 30-minute time limit and assesses numerical ability and verbal reasoning ability.

  • Emotify : this assessment is a game-based assessment looking at how well candidates can work in a team environment. The assessment looks at a candidate's emotional intelligence in understanding how different situations can affect someone's emotions. There are two assessments as part of the Emotify game with a 20-minute time limit.

  • 16 Personality Factors Questionnaire (16PF): The 16PF assessment looks at a candidate's traits and how they make up their workplace behaviour. This assessment is different from an ability test in that there are no right or wrong answers. Candidates need to complete 170 multiple-choice questions. This test usually takes 30 minutes to complete but isn't a time-sensitive test.

  • Behavioural Profile : 24 questions in this test focus on how candidate's prefer to communicate with others and behave when in the workplace. This test involves candidates rating which of the behavioural indicators presented most represents the way they prefer to behave. The test takes around 10 minutes to complete.

  • Emotional intelligence : this test takes the form of information presented in various ways: scenarios, pictures of faces, situations, all of which involve or depict emotions. The test assesses how well candidates are able to understand others and their own emotions. This test doesn't have a specific time limit but usually takes around 40 minutes to complete.

  • Skills Tests : these tests assess a candidate's skills as required and relevant to the job applied for. An example of a skills test is a typing test used by an employer recruiting for a role where typing speed is important to perform effectively in the role. Skills tests are usually timed, taking 20 - 30 minutes, depending on the test.

  • Values Inventory : the values inventory is an untimed test that takes around 10 minutes. The test assesses a candidate's values in relation to the recruiting organisation and how well these match. Candidates are asked to rank 20 values according to how important they are to them.

  • Work Preferences Profile : an untimed test that looks at your preference in carrying out work-related tasks and how much satisfaction and enjoyment you get from doing these. There are 84 questions in this assessment.

  • Work Reliability Scale : the work reliability scale comprises 54 questions that take around 10 minutes to complete. This assessment looks at how flexible a candidate is in terms of their workplace attitudes and beliefs when presented with situations that may arise in the workplace.

  • Work Safety Assessment: this test comes in two formats: a short form with 49 questions and a longer format with 77 questions. The questions assess a candidate's beliefs and attitudes towards safety in the workplace.

Top 5 Tips to Prepare and Pass Your Revelian Tests

While many of the Revelian tests are designed to be challenging, especially with the time duration set, there are several things candidates can do to perform at their best when sitting the test.

1. Practice the tests

Make sure that you practice the tests you are going to be sitting. Practicing the tests means that you become familiar with the format and the style of questioning, which gives you confidence and takes away the fear of the unknown, which is common when it comes to sitting a psychometric test.

2. Be aware of your test environment

Make sure you take the test in a room that is quiet and free from distraction, with a good wifi connection. Doing this means that you can concentrate and focus on the test itself without worrying about being distracted.

3. Perform at your best

To ensure you perform at your best in the tests, ensure you are well-rested and have eaten and are well hydrated. This means that you can approach the tests positively and give yourself the best opportunity to do well in the tests.

4. Make sure you read the instructions and questions carefully

Psychometric tests and ability assessments are nerve-wracking situations. There is often the tendency to race through the test, especially if the test is a timed assessment. While working quickly is important, make sure you take the time to read and understand the instructions - don't skim read.

5. Don't dwell on things

If you feel that the test isn't going well, try and remain calm. Make sure you work quickly but accurately, and for the timed tests, don't spend too much time figuring out the answer. Move on to the next question.

Sample Revelian Assessments question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

If the average of six numbers is 50 and the average of two of those numbers is 40, what is the average of the remaining four numbers?

  • 55
  • 45
  • 60
  • 50

Identify the underlying pattern in the following series: 3, 9, 27, 81, ... What number comes next?

  • 162
  • 108
  • 243
  • 324

Within a sequence, the second shape is rotated 90 degrees clockwise from the first, the third is a vertical reflection of the second, and the fourth is a horizontal reflection of the third. If the fifth continues this pattern, how will it relate to the fourth?

  • Rotated 90 degrees clockwise
  • Rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise
  • A vertical reflection
  • Identical to the fourth

If all 'Blobs' are 'Gloops' and no 'Gloops' are 'Flinks', which of the following is true?

  • Some 'Blobs' are 'Flinks'
  • No 'Blobs' are 'Flinks'
  • All 'Flinks' are 'Blobs'
  • All 'Gloops' are 'Blobs'

What is required to increase the mechanical advantage in a pulley system?

  • Increasing the number of pulleys
  • Decreasing the number of ropes
  • Using a stiffer rope
  • Decreasing the load weight

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Revelian Assessments Tips

Familiarize Yourself with the Format

Understanding the structure of Revelian tests is a great starting point. Since these exams are designed by professional psychologists, getting to grips with the common question types and time restraints will put you at a significant advantage. Spend time on Military Aptitude Tests to learn about different sections and question patterns. It's less about memorizing answers and more about getting comfortable with how you’ll be assessed.

Hone Your Mental Agility

Revelian's psychometric assessments often examine cognitive flexibility. To prepare, challenge yourself with a variety of puzzle types available on Military Aptitude Tests. Switching between different sorts of problems can simulate the mental agility needed for success in the actual test. As the questions you’ll face will likely involve logical and analytical thinking, practicing these skills in advance can make a real difference.

Set Up a Consistent Practice Schedule

Regular practice is key to improving your performance on any test. By setting aside time each day to work on practice exams on Military Aptitude Tests, you’ll build up your stamina and reduce test anxiety. Just like training for a physical challenge, consistent, daily effort makes the task more manageable and can bolster your confidence.

Stay Calm Under Pressure

Employers are not only looking for the right answers but also how well you handle the pressure of timed tests. Practicing under timed conditions on Military Aptitude Tests can prepare you for the real deal, teaching you time management and helping you stay composed when the clock is ticking. Focus on staying calm and collected; your emotional response to the test environment is a crucial aspect of your preparation.

Reflect on Your Practice Results

After each practice test on Military Aptitude Tests, take the time to review your answers carefully. Understand the reasoning behind any questions you got wrong, and identify areas you can improve. This reflection helps you learn from mistakes and solidifies the strategies that work best for you – turning practice into progress.

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Revelian Assessments FAQs

What is a good Revelian score?

A good score on a Revelian test is dependent on the different comparison groups or benchmarks. These groups or benchmarks can vary according to the type of industry, role, or employer. It is worth noting that the more questions answered correctly, the higher the overall score will be.

Are Revelian assessments timed?

Some Revelian tests are timed assessments with a specific time limit for the number of questions in the test. Other Revelian tests have an estimated time duration but are not time-sensitive assessments. The duration is given as a guide as to how long the test usually takes to complete.

Before starting any test, make sure you know whether the test has a time limit and what the time limit is. This is so you can ensure that you answer as many questions as you can in the time limit given.

What do I need to complete my Revelian assessment?

Other than a good WiFi connection and a quiet room that is free from distraction, there is generally no other special equipment required to complete a Revelian assessment. If in doubt, contact the employer who has invited you to sit the assessments if you want to double-check.

How long are Revelian assessments?

Revelian assessments vary in length depending on the test being sat. It is worth making sure you know the number of questions and time limit (if any) for completing the assessments you have been invited to sit.


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