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Cappfinity Aptitude Tests

What are Cappfinity Tests?

Cappfinity tests are those provided by Cappfinity, a UK-based company that produces a range of psychometric tests for use by employers.

Founded in 2005 and with offices in the UK, Australia, and the USA, Cappfinity works with over 200 organisations worldwide to devise and deliver psychometric tests.

Cappfinity has a range of tests that employers can use. These tests focus on a strengths-based assessment of a candidate and how a candidate uses these strengths in the workplace.

The tests enable employers to identify a candidate's strengths, their aptitudes against those required for the role, a candidate's values, their personality traits, and their preferences when at work.

Cappfinity tests are adaptive, meaning that the level of difficulty of the questions changes according to whether a candidate has correctly answered a question. If they have, then the following question will be more challenging. If they haven't, the next question will be more straightforward.

Their scientific studies have shown that when a candidate can work to their strengths, they are happier, more motivated and more productive in the workplace. As such, Cappfinity's tests are used by many employers as part of their recruitment process.

Or to help identify leadership talent from within the organisation. The results from a Cappfinity test help employers understand where a candidate's strengths lie and then determine whether these strengths match those required for the role. This means employers identify the right talent for their organisation.

The two main types of Cappfinity tests used by employers include:

  • Cognitive assessments such as numerical reasoning, critical reasoning, and verbal reasoning
  • Behavioural assessments


Cognitive Assessments

Cognitive assessments assess a candidate's abilities in a particular area. Cappfinity's cognitive assessments focus on three common areas of assessment: numerical reasoning, critical reasoning, and verbal reasoning.

The difference between Cappfinitiy's assessments as compared to some other test providers is that there is no specified time limit when completing the tests. However, the time taken to complete the test is taken into account in the final scoring and results.

Numerical Reasoning Test

The Cappfinity numerical reasoning test assesses a candidate's numerical ability. That is how well they can understand, interpret and analyse numerical information. Information is presented in the form of charts, tables, or graphs. Candidates then need to answer the questions that follow.

The questions are a mixture of:

  • Free answer questions: where candidates need to read, understand and use their knowledge and understanding of mathematical principles to calculate the correct answer.
  • Multiple choice questions: where candidates need to select the correct answer from the list given following calculating the correct answer.
  • Ranked questions: where following analysis of the information, candidates then need to place the answers in the correct order.

The Cappfinity numerical reasoning tests are designed to be challenging, given they are adaptive. For candidates, this means they have the opportunity to perform to their best ability.

Critical Reasoning Test

The critical reasoning test focuses on a candidate's ability to read and understand a passage of information, then to use your critical reasoning ability to evaluate this information.

Candidates need to use both their problem-solving abilities and their decision-making skills.

Questions are presented as statements, followed by four conclusions. Candidates need to select whether they believe the 'conclusion follows' or the 'conclusion does not follow' from the statement based on the information they have read and evaluated.

As with all critical reasoning tests, it is essential to base your answers on the information presented in the question and not to use any prior knowledge of the subject matter should you have any.

Verbal Reasoning Test

The Cappfinity verbal reasoning test assesses a candidate's ability to read and understand written information.

Information is presented as passages or text; questions are then asked in various formats, with candidates selecting the response they believe to be correct.

Candidates could be asked to select the correct word that is missing from a drop-down list of possible choices of words and insert this into a passage of text. Or to choose the correct response following a short communication message.

An understanding of the meaning of words, spelling, and grammar are all aspects assessed in a verbal reasoning test.

Behavioural Assessments

Cappfinity behavioural assessments focus on the way a candidate prefers to behave when in the workplace.

The assessment is formed of a number of scenarios that candidates may face when on the job in the workplace.

There are several formats to the way these questions are asked and answered.

Some questions may require you to rank statements on a scale according to how you are most likely to act in a given situation.

Other questions ask you to select your preferred response to a scenario based on a list of responses detailed. Or, from a list of possible responses given, you may be required to order these responses according to the approach you are most likely to take in the given situation down to the approach you are least likely to take.

Some questions may also ask you to provide a written or video response to answer the question.

It is important to remember that this assessment is a strengths-based assessment where there are no right or wrong answers.

How Can I Prepare For My Cappfinity Assessment?

Cappfinity assessments are designed to be challenging. There are several things candidates can do to prepare for their assessment that will help them perform at their best.

1. Practice the tests

Practicing the tests that you will be sitting allows you to become familiar with the format and the style of the questioning. This helps take away the fear of the unknown that many candidates feel when it comes to ability or behavioural tests. Practicing tests also helps build your confidence in how you approach and deal with the tests.

2. Think about your test environment

Before taking your test, take some time to think about when and where you will sit the test. Ideally, you want to ensure that you sit the test in a room that will be free from distraction and has a good WiFi signal.

Making sure you have enough time to sit the test and at a time in the day where you know you won't be disturbed means that you don't need to worry about the logistical aspects when sitting the test.

3. Make sure you are well-rested

Before taking the test, make sure you have had a good night's sleep, had something to eat, and are well hydrated. This means that you are putting yourself in the best position to focus on the test and perform to the best of your ability.

4. Simulate the test environment

When practicing the tests, it is important to practice them under test conditions. This means being aware of the time it takes you to complete the test and practicing in the same test environment as you would if you were sitting the actual test itself.

Make sure you practice tests at various levels, so you have experience of the different levels of difficulty that the questions may be set at.


What is a good score on a Cappfinity assessment?

Cappfinity tests are bespoke to each employer. Each employer will have its own benchmarks or comparison groups to determine a candidate's score. It is worth remembering that the basis of a Cappfinity test is on a candidate's strengths. These strengths are then matched to those required by the employer.

Focusing on doing your best in the test through practicing and answering the questions honestly means that you perform to the best of your ability in the tests you sit.

How long is a Cappfinity Assessment?

There is no time limit set for Cappfinity assessments. Candidates are encouraged to work quickly but accurately in the tests. While speed is important, always remember to take the time to read the questions properly and the answers given. Skim reading the questions may mean that you go off on the wrong track.

How do you pass a Cappfinity assessment?

Cappfinity assessments are designed to be challenging. These tests also allow candidates to perform to the best of their ability to highlight their individual strengths.

Before taking the test, make sure you practice the tests, get a good night's sleep, and are well-rested.

When in the test, make sure you read the question, stay calm, and answer the questions as honestly as possible in the behavioural tests without second-guessing what you think the recruiter wants to hear.

How are Cappfininty tests scored?

Cappfinity cognitive tests are scored by taking into account the length of time it takes to complete the test and the accuracy of answers. Behavioural tests are different from ability tests in that there are no right or wrong answers.

Focus on performing at your best in the tests, being mindful of the time, and sitting the tests in a positive frame of mind.


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