Verbal Reasoning Tests

Verbal reasoning tests examine your ability to quickly read, understand and pull out key information from dense passages of text.

  • What are verbal reasoning tests?

    Verbal reasoning tests look at how well you can read, interpret and relay information. The tests are always timed, as showcasing these skills under pressure is important when it comes to getting your dream job in the armed forces.

    Although the verbal reasoning test isn’t easy, candidates will be relieved to hear that no prior knowledge is needed to answer the questions - everything you need to know is in the text. But learning how to extract key information and answer the questions correctly is a skill that takes practice.

  • What is the verbal reasoning test format?

    There are lots of different tests out there, but most verbal reasoning tests require you to answer multiple choice questions on a passage of text. And the good news is you don’t need any prior knowledge of the subject you’ll be reading about on the test - so that’s one less thing to think about!

    As well as just marking an option ‘true’ or ‘false’, you’ll also have the option to record your answers as ‘cannot say.’ These three choices will help employers see how good you are at distinguishing between fact and fiction.

  • What skills do verbal reasoning tests assess?

    Verbal reasoning tests look at how adept you are at quickly and logically interpreting information in front of you. The art of being able to extract what’s important, what’s fact and what’s just been alluded to is an art that will serve you well in many different areas of the armed forces. And as the test is timed, employers will also be looking at how well you cope under pressure - another skill that you’ll need in the workplace.

  • What types of questions are on verbal reasoning tests?

    Verbal reasoning tests typically include questions that assess a candidate's ability to understand and analyze written information. The questions are usually multiple-choice, and they may ask the candidate to identify synonyms or antonyms of certain words, complete sentences with the correct word or phrase, or choose the correct conclusion based on a passage of text.

    Verbal reasoning tests may also ask candidates to identify the main idea or theme of a passage, infer meaning from context, or identify errors in grammar or usage. These tests are often used to evaluate a candidate's communication skills, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and critical thinking abilities, which are essential for success in many different types of jobs.

  • Why do military organizations use verbal reasoning tests in their Recruitment?

    Overall, verbal reasoning tests are a valuable tool for military organizations to evaluate a candidate's cognitive abilities, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and potential for success in a military role. By using verbal reasoning tests as a part of their recruitment process, military organizations can identify candidates who are likely to be effective communicators, critical thinkers, and capable of adapting to the unique demands of military life.

  • How To Prepare and Pass Your Verbal Reasoning Test

    Here are five tips to help you prepare and pass your verbal reasoning test:

    Understand the format and content of the test

    It's essential to familiarize yourself with the format of the VRT and the types of questions you'll be asked. Look for practice tests online or from the company that is administering the test. Knowing what to expect can help reduce anxiety and improve your performance on the actual test.

    Build your vocabulary

    Verbal reasoning tests often require a strong command of the English language. Building your vocabulary can help you understand the text better and answer questions more accurately. You can use vocabulary-building resources such as flashcards, books, or online tools.

    Practice reading and comprehension

    VRTs require a strong ability to read and understand written material quickly and accurately. Practice reading articles or books and try to summarize the key points. This will help you improve your reading speed and comprehension.

    Focus on accuracy

    In verbal reasoning tests, it's important to answer questions accurately rather than quickly. Take the time to read the text carefully and understand the questions before answering. Be sure to read all answer options before choosing the best one.

    Time management

    VRTs are often timed, so it's important to practice time management and work efficiently through the questions. If you encounter a difficult question, don't spend too much time on it. Instead, move on to the next question and come back to it later if you have time. By practicing time management, you can ensure that you complete the test within the allotted time.

Sample Verbal Reasoning Tests question Test your knowledge!

Score: /5

Which conclusion is most likely drawn from the passage?

The manufacturing sector is facing an unprecedented challenge with the advent of automation and artificial intelligence. While these technologies promise increased efficiency and lower production costs, they also pose a risk of significant job displacement. Workers are voicing concerns over the lack of upskilling programs and the potential reduction in the workforce.

  • Automation will have no noticeable impact on the manufacturing workforce.
  • The introduction of automation is widely perceived as beneficial by the workers.
  • There is a concern about job security among workers due to automation.
  • Upskilling programs are abundant and readily accessible to all manufacturing workers.

Based on the passage, what can be inferred about the company's market position?

The corporation has seen a steady increase in its market share over the last quarter. This growth can be attributed to the new marketing strategy that focuses on customer engagement and the launch of an innovative product line. While the overall industry growth rate was 3%, the company achieved a remarkable 9% increase in sales. Analysts are cautiously optimistic that these trends will continue as the company further expands its reach into emerging markets.

  • The company's growth is consistent with the overall industry growth rate.
  • Analysts are uncertain about the company's ability to sustain its growth.
  • The company has shown a decline in market share over the last quarter.
  • The new marketing strategy has had a negative impact on the company's sales.

What is the author's main point in the passage?

Despite the economic downturn, some enterprises have managed to outperform their competitors. Strategies like diversification, innovation, and streamlining operational efficiency have been the key factors in ensuring their success. Companies that fail to adapt to market changes or invest in new technologies are being left behind, emphasizing the importance of agility in the business environment.

  • Companies are struggling across the board due to the economic downturn.
  • Agility and innovation are important traits for successful companies.
  • All companies should diversify to survive in the current economy.
  • Investing in new technologies has little impact on a company's success.

The passage implies that employee satisfaction is likely to increase when:

A recent survey among employees working in various sectors indicates that job satisfaction is not solely tied to compensation. Factors such as work-life balance, recognition for achievements, and opportunities for professional growth play a significant role in an employee's workplace happiness. Moreover, companies that provide a supportive environment and value employee well-being tend to retain talent more effectively.

  • Salaries are significantly higher than the industry average.
  • Employees are recognized for their achievements and have growth opportunities.
  • The work requires longer hours and increased workload.
  • Job roles are rigid and do not allow for individual creativity.

If the situation presented in the passage continues, what is the likely outcome for the company?

Over the past year, the tech company has experienced a high turnover among its staff. This appears to be closely linked with the company's push for rapid expansion, which has resulted in increased work pressure and reduced employee engagement. Despite the introduction of several employee wellness programs, the dissatisfaction among the workforce remains high.

  • The company will achieve continued expansion without any negative consequences.
  • Employee wellness programs will immediately reduce the staff turnover rate.
  • The reduced employee engagement will potentially hinder the company's expansion efforts.
  • Turnover rates will decrease as the market for tech jobs becomes less competitive.

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Verbal Reasoning Tests Tips

Understand the Format

Before tackling the Verbal Reasoning test, familiarize yourself with the 'True, False, Cannot Say' format. This will help you avoid surprises during the test.

Practice Reading Comprehension

Enhance your comprehension skills by practicing with various short passages. This improves your ability to analyze and understand the material quickly.

Free Practice on Military Aptitude Tests

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Hone Your Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is key. Practice deducing logical conclusions from the information given, even outside the context of test prep.

Time Management

Practice under timed conditions. Verbal reasoning tests are often time-pressured, so managing your time effectively is crucial.

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Verbal Reasoning Tests FAQs

What is this test used for?

The Verbal Reasoning test is specifically designed to determine a job seeker's aptitude in interpreting and understanding language, a critical skill for employers in the armed forces sector who value clear communication and comprehension abilities.

What do these tests involve?

These Verbal Reasoning tests involve analyzing a short text passage and then answering multiple-choice questions, typically in a 'True, False, Cannot Say' format, aimed at assessing your ability to comprehend and interpret the information presented.

What do these tests measure?

Our tests use state-of-the-art technology to constantly refresh and update question banks, guaranteeing that they measure your verbal reasoning skills with precision and remain aligned with current industry standards in the armed forces sector.

Where can I practice these tests?

Military Aptitude Tests provides an extensive collection of practice tests, allowing you to prepare and familiarize yourself with the kinds of questions you will encounter in the actual Verbal Reasoning exams given by employers.

Which employers use these tests?

Several employers in the armed forces sector incorporate these Verbal Reasoning tests into their hiring process to assist them in selecting candidates with strong comprehension and interpretation skills, essential for their operations.


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    Tests Your Analytical skills

    Basically analysing multiple short extracts and being able to do it relatively quickly is a must for anyone taking this test.