Spatial Reasoning Tests

Spatial reasoning tests are also known as logical or abstract reasoning tests.

  • What are spatial reasoning tests?

    Spatial reasoning tests examine your ability to think about objects in their two and three dimensional forms, to look at shapes from altered perspectives and to mentally manipulate objects in front of you. The test is always taken under a strict time limit, meaning it’s important to find the right balance between speed and accuracy. In the armed forces, the spatial reasoning test is often used as finding army recruits with good spatial awarenss and problem solving skills is always important. The best way you can prepare yourself for taking a test like this is to practice, practice practice. We have lots of different spatial reasoning tests you can take to improve your results, and as the test uses a style of questioning you may not have encountered before, we think it’s even more important to try a few out beforehand.

  • Why do employers use spatial reasoning tests?

    Armed forces employers use the spatial reasoning test as it’s likely that they would need to hire individuals with excellent spatial awareness and problem solving skills. The questions on the test ask you to look at shapes and objects from different perspectives, which means you need to be good at mentally assembling and disassembling the objects infront of you. Thinking on your feet in this way is a skill that’s always prized in the army, so it’s little wonder it’s such a popular recruitment tool.

  • What is the spatial reasoning test format?

    You’ll be asked questions based on different visual challenges. There’s a huge variety of questions that could be asked, but you can expect to meet problems that require you to mentally manipulate objects, to see shapes from new perspectives and to identify mirror images. A good grasp of shapes in both their two and three dimensional forms will certainly be helpful, as is practising as many similar tests as you can before the one you’re working towards. The more you prepare, the easier you’re likely to fund the test on the day, and the more comfortable you’ll be mentally assembling and disassembling shapes.

  • What skills does spatial reasoning test?

    The test is such a useful recruitment tool for armed forces employers as it puts so many different skills to the test. Based on how you answer the questions, employers might be able to deduce how well you cope under time pressure, how good you are at balancing speed and accuracy, what your spatial awareness is like and if you’re a natural problem solver. Army roles with more of an engineering or architectural bias are normally hired for by using the spatial reasoning test.


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Spatial Reasoning Tests FAQs

How are spatial reasoning tests scored?

Your individual score will often be compared to a normative group - this is a group of people who have taken the test before and have a proven aptitude for spatial awareness. By doing this, an employer gets to determine whether the test you took was especially hard or easy, and how you rank compared to your peers.

What are spatial reasoning tests used for?

Armed forces employers will use this test to help them whittle down a competitive pool of candidates applying for the same job. These people are likely to have very similar skills and experiences on paper, so the spatial awareness test can help an employer to differentiate between people, and to find the person with the strongest spatial skills.

What do spatial reasoning tests involve?

The test involves multiple questions that’ll show a visual challenge and require you to mentally manipulate a shape or object in order to answer the question correctly. There are a range of different subjects the test could cover, including: mirror images, perspectives, two and three dimensional shapes and spatial reasoning cubes.

What do spatial reasoning tests measure?

The test measures your ability to mentally assemble and disassemble shapes and objects - otherwise known as your spatial awareness. As is the case with all aptitude tests, your ability to keep calm and perform under significant time pressure is also under examination.

Where can I practice spatial reasoning tests?

You can practice spatial reasoning tests here at Military Aptitude Tests. The questions may well be unlike anything you've seen before, so getting to grips with the subject matter and style is really important.

Which employers use spatial reasoning tests?

The spatial reasoning test is most often used by armed forces employers recruiting for roles with more of an engineering bias. The key skills being tested - spatial awareness and an ability to manipulate shapes and objects - are skills held by problem solvers. And the army always needs problem solvers!