Numerical Reasoning Tests

Numerical reasoning tests gauge how adept you are at dealing with a variety of different mathematical problems.

  • What are numerical reasoning tests?

    Numerical reasoning tests are designed to see how well you cope with a variety of different mathematical problems - everything from equations, fractions and ratios, to graphs and data analysis. As you’d expect, the test is always taken in timed conditions, which means speed is nearly as important as accuracy when it comes to answering questions. Many numerical reasoning tests will use typical business scenarios as a way of framing the questions; providing relevance and context as you undertake the test with the hope of a career in the armed forces. And the best way to ensure you end up with the job you’re passionate about is practising numerical reasoning tests, and as many as you can, before the big day.

  • Why do employers use numerical reasoning tests?

    Employers use numerical reasoning tests as a means of gauging how adept you are with numbers. When employing people for the armed forces, it’s important to get a sense of every applicant’s strengths and weaknesses. The numerical reasoning test offers employers a way of filtering through a large pool of candidates, to see how you get on with a whole range of mathematical problems, and how good you are at dealing with the time pressure. It’s totally natural to be nervous about taking the test, but with the right amount of practise it offers another way to showcase your strengths and prove how prepared you are for your dream role.

  • What is the numerical reasoning test format?

    Each test will vary in length, but you can expect to be timed as you work your way through the questions. Most of the time you can apply the ‘one minute per question’ rule - but it’s always worth checking this before you start the test. As you’d expect with a numbers based test, all your answers will either be marked as right or wrong, and more often than not the answers are multiple choice - which can be helpful if you really can’t work out the answer to one or two.

  • What skills does numerical reasoning test?

    There’s a whole range of mathematical problems that could be on the numerical reasoning test. Obvious examples of this are graphs, ratios, fractions, sums, percentages and data analysis. Practising numerical reasoning tests is the best possible way to get used to the questions and question format, and eliminate the possibility of any nasty surprises on the big day. The best way to get used to the test format is to prepare everything before you start practising, find a quiet space and make sure you time yourself for an idea of how long you’re spending on each question.


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Numerical Reasoning Tests FAQs

How are numerical reasoning tests scored?

Numerical reasoning tests use raw or comparative scoring. Raw scores are when correct answers are displayed as a percentage ratio. Comparative scoring looks at your result against the scores of those who took the same test.

What are numerical reasoning tests used for?

Subtraction, addition, data analysis and equations are just some of the problems you’ll tackle. Numerical reasoning tests are used to assess your ability to process common mathematical problems, quickly and accurately. As well as help future employers see how suited you are for a particular role in the armed forces.

What do numerical reasoning tests involve?

You’ll answer questions on fractions, ratios and percentages, as well as show how you can interpret and analyse data sets, graphs and tables. You’ll do it in test conditions and at the end your score and the way you’ve answered will be used to help determine whether you’re right for the role.

What do numerical reasoning tests measure?

A numerical reasoning test is there to prove to employers that you have solid numerical skills, while also giving you the opportunity to showcase your particular strengths.

Where can I practice numerical reasoning tests?

Practice Aptitude Tests has a huge number of practice numerical reasoning tests that you can have a go at. As well as seeing the correct answers, you can pick up useful hints and tips on how to best prepare for the test. And we can’t state it enough - practising really is the best way to succeed.

Which employers use numerical reasoning tests?

Increasingly, numerical reasoning tests are being used to help recruit people into the armed forces. Sure, not every job will require you to work with numbers, but a solid grounding in maths, as well as a proven ability to cope under time pressure and work with both speed and accuracy are skills that are incredibly valuable - whatever role you’re applying for.


What our customers say about our Numerical Reasoning Tests

  • United Kingdom

    October 27, 2021

    Good range of difficulties

    I found some questions required you putting pen to paper and really going through the maths which adds to the time pressure, whilst others give you a breather. A good range of questions overall.

  • Switzerland

    December 06, 2021

    Rounding is key

    I enjoy the straight forward style of the questions and the interactive diagrams. The importance of using approximations to select the best answers is clear.

  • Nigeria

    January 25, 2022

    Get time on your side

    I liked it. I wish my real test would come this way.