Logical Reasoning Tests

Logical reasoning tests are designed to examine your logical thinking skills.

  • What are logical reasoning tests?

    Logical reasoning tests measure not just your logical thinking skills, but also your ability to work calmly under pressure and problem solve with very little information in front of you. When you take the logical reasoning test, you can expect a series of different questions on shapes, patterns and sequences. Using logic, you’ll need to work out the rule that connects each image. With less than one minute to answer every question, practising logical reasoning tests is the best way to get ahead and improve your speed, accuracy and confidence. In general, armed forces employers use the logical reasoning test when hiring for a role that has a large amount of logical thinking needed at its core.

  • Why do employers use logical reasoning tests?

    In the armed forces, problem solving is incredibly important so it’s little wonder the logical reasoning test is utilised by so many employers. With application processes getting increasingly competitive, it’s important to get a deeper understanding of each applicant's strengths and weaknesses - and that’s exactly what an aptitude such as this does. By doing well on the test, you show a potential employer that you have the necessary skills to not just do the job, but excel at it.

  • What is the logical reasoning test format?

    On most logical reasoning tests you’ll see different shapes or patterns alongside an accompanying question. The question will ask you to use logic to solve the challenge in front of you, and you’ll usually have less than a minute per question to do so.

  • What skills does logical reasoning test?

    The logical reasoning test assesses logical skills, problem solving skills and time management skills. All of these are essential for a role in the army, so it’s little wonder it’s such a popular recruitment tool in the armed forces.


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Logical Reasoning Tests FAQs

How are logical reasoning tests scored?

Every correct answer will be added up to form an overall score. This will then be compared to everyone else’s scores so an employer can benchmark how well you did, and whether the test was particularly easy or hard.

What are logical reasoning tests used for?

The logical reasoning test is used as part of the army’s recruitment process for roles where logical thinking is especially vital. Applicants that perform well on the test prove that they have strong logical, problem solving and time management skills - this is a really useful insight for a potential employer to have before offering someone a job.

What do logical reasoning tests involve?

The test involves a series of questions that will require you to find a common rule or principle governing different patterns. The questions asked will be either deductive (how you take something general and make it specific), inductive (how you take something specific and make it general), or abstract (finding the simplest or most likely answer from a series of general observations).

What do logical reasoning tests measure?

As well as measuring your ability to think logically, the test shows how well you work under pressure and whether you have an aptitude for problem solving.

Where can I practice logical reasoning tests?

You can practice logical reasoning tests before the test you’re working towards, not to mention pick up tips that will help you do your best.

Which employers use logical reasoning tests?

Employers in companies large and small, from industries as diverse as finance and the armed forces use the logical thinking test as finding logical thinkers and problem solvers is a universal business need.


What our customers say about our Logical Reasoning Tests

  • Australia

    June 29, 2022

    Identify Individual Aspects of Each Pattern

    Being able to find and allocate individual characteristics within each pattern allows you to use the process of elimination until you find which box is next in the sequence.