Mechanical Reasoning Tests

Mechanical reasoning tests examine your ability to understand mechanical and electrical concepts in order to solve challenges.

  • What are mechanical reasoning tests?

    Mechanical reasoning tests are designed to examine your electrical and mechanical knowledge. They’re one of the most common tests set by the armed forces, as the subjects being tested are things you’ll encounter time and time again in the army. The test involves answering questions on topics as diverse as levers, pulleys, force, pressure and energy, under tight time conditions - typically you’ll have about 40 seconds to answer each question. The best thing you can do is to get familiar with the test by practising mechanical reasoning tests to improve your speed and accuracy.

  • Why do employers use mechanical reasoning tests?

    In the armed forces, mechanical and electrical knowledge isn't just a nice to have - it could save lives. And that’s why this test is so important to employers. Being able to prove that you have more than just a basic understanding of topics such as electricity and pressure can help set you apart from your competitors, and get you the place you’ve worked for in the army.

  • What is the mechanical reasoning test format?

    You can expect to find lots of questions on electrical and mechanical topics such as maps and electrical circuits. Most of the questions will take the form of an image depicting an electrical or mechanical scenario, with a choice of answers relating to the question. With just 40 seconds to answer each question, you’ll have to work fast to complete the test.

  • What skills does mechanical reasoning test?

    You’re being tested on your mechanical and electrical knowledge, but your ability to cope under pressure is also under scrutiny, as the test is designed to be challenging. Ensuring you’ve brushed up on your knowledge around magnets, circuits energy, force and voltage is a good way to start. And you can get to work practising mechanical reasoning tests here.


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Mechanical Reasoning Tests FAQs

How are mechanical reasoning tests scored?

Your result will be compared to what’s known as a ‘normative group.’ This helps an employer to see your result in direct comparison to your peers, which also helps them to gauge whether the test was particularly hard or easy.

What are mechanical reasoning tests used for?

In the armed forces, having good electrical and mechanical knowledge is really important. The test is set by so many army employers as the topics covered really are things you’ll come into contact with on a day-to-day basis.

What do mechanical reasoning tests involve?

The test involves answering questions on a series of different mechanical and electrical problems. Typically, the questions are presented as pictures or diagrams with accompanying multiple choice answers. With around 40 seconds to answer each question, you’ll have to work quickly to complete the test.

What do mechanical reasoning tests measure?

The tests measure your electrical and mechanical knowledge. Practising mechanical reasoning tests is the best way to get to grips with the question formatting and content - which could include anything and everything from circuits and energy, to levers and pulleys.

Where can I practice mechanical reasoning tests?

At Practice Aptitude Tests, you can pick up hints, tips and tricks on how to succeed at the test, and you can also practice the tests as many times as you need to.

Which employers use mechanical reasoning tests?

The mechanical reasoning test is often set by employers in the armed forces as the challenges you’ll be faced with on the test are reflective of the kinds of challenges you’ll face every day in the army.