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RAF DAA: Work Rate Test

Bianca Decu
Bianca Decu January 04, 2023
RAF DAA Work Rate Test

What is the RAF work rate test?

The RAF work rate test puts your efficiency skills to the test and looks at how well you can work through routine tasks.

Both speed and accuracy are important in this test, as it's a chance for the RAF to see how well you work under pressure, whether you're able to keep a cool head and if your attention to detail slips when you're up against the clock.

As you can imagine, efficiency, organisation and calm are skills that are important in numerous jobs within the RAF, so it's really important to dedicate the preparation time to this section of the test — particularly as you might not have stumbled across a similar question style before.

The format of the RAF work rate test

At the start of the test you'll be presented with a grid. Each column within that grid will contain a different sequence of letters, numbers and symbols.

You'll then be given 20 alternate codes that you need to decipher in just four minutes.

The style of the test can trip people up as many people have not come across something similar before; which is another reason why it's really important to try as many practice work rate test papers as you can.

How is the RAF work rate test scored?

You'll get the result back from your test on the same day as you take it and you'll be able to go through your test with someone from the RAF, who will help you to understand what your results mean.

There isn't a set pass mark, but doing well across the board can really help to open up doors and ensure you have a wide range of career options available to you. Which is why we always recommend putting as much energy as you can into the preparation.

How to pass the RAF work rate test

Practice — the work rate test is likely to be different to anything you've seen before, and it takes time to get used to the format of the questions, and the speed in which you need to answer. The best way to improve is just to keep practising past tests until you feel comfortable and confident.

Timing is everything — keeping an eye on the time is crucial to ensure you don't get caught up in a challenge and forget to leave yourself enough time for further questions. Remember, if you have time at the end you can always go back to any questions you want to have another look at.

Keep calm — ensuring you're prepared the night before the test, taking deep breaths when you feel unsure of anything and rereading any questions that don't make sense the first time around are a few small tips that can help to keep you calm if you're feeling nervous.

Read the questions thoroughly — it sounds obvious, but not reading test instructions thoroughly and carefully is one of the most common ways people are tripped up on many exams, including the RAF work rate test.

Check out our full RAF DAA (formerly AST) and CBAT aptitude tests page here that include free tests.

Bianca Decu January 04, 2023

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