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The 10 Best Military Podcasts To Listen to in 2023

Ryan Green
Ryan Green May 18, 2023
best military podcasts

For those with a special interest in all things military, there are an incredible array of shows to choose from. Whether you're a veteran, an active duty soldier, a history buff, or someone with a keen curiosity about military strategy, tactics, history, and human stories from the front lines, you're bound to find a podcast that speaks to your interests.

With thousands of hours of content available, where should you start? Don't worry, we've done the heavy lifting for you. We've combed through the abundance of military-themed podcasts and picked out the top ten that truly stand out in 2023.

Our selection encompasses a diverse range of topics from riveting battlefield stories, analysis of military technology and strategy, personal experiences of veterans, to thought-provoking discussions about the geopolitical implications of military decisions.

#1 Jocko Podcast

Link: Jocko Podcast

Led by the indomitable Jocko Willink, a decorated retired Navy SEAL officer, author, and leadership consultant, the "Jocko Podcast" continues its reign in 2023 as the most popular military podcast.

Known for its unique blend of military history, leadership lessons, and personal discipline, it offers listeners the chance to learn from a broad range of subjects through the lens of military experience.

Each episode is thought-provoking and often includes interviews with notable military figures. Jocko's knack for extracting life-changing advice from military stories continues to keep his listeners hooked.

#2 War on the Rocks

Link: War on the Rocks

Offering an in-depth analysis of defense and foreign affairs, "War on the Rocks" is a must-listen for anyone seeking an understanding of global military strategy. Hosted by national security professionals, this podcast provides an unfiltered examination of military, geopolitical, and security issues.

Its popularity is partly due to its accessible and engaging delivery, making complex subjects digestible for a broader audience.

#3 "SOFREP Radio"

Link: SOFREP Radio

"SOFREP Radio" is an excellent resource for anyone considering joining the Special Operations Forces. The podcast hosts, former U.S. Special Operations veterans, offer a no-holds-barred insight into what life in Special Ops is like, interviewing veterans, military experts, and even active-duty operators.

The show provides a mix of personal anecdotes, advice for recruits, and exploration of current global military events.

#4 The Future Soldier Podcast

Link: The Future Soldier Podcast

Specifically designed to help those preparing to join the military, "The Future Soldier Podcast" focuses on preparing mentally, physically, and emotionally for the challenges of military training.

It provides recruits with practical advice, exercise regimens, nutrition guides, and mental toughness strategies. The host, an experienced military trainer, also interviews current and former military personnel who share invaluable insights from their training experiences.

#5 Mentors for Military Podcast

Link: Mentors for Military Podcast

The "Mentors for Military Podcast" provides guidance and mentorship for those entering and navigating their military careers. The hosts are military veterans with a vast amount of experience across different branches of the armed forces.

They share their experiences, advice, and wisdom while also featuring guest speakers who are leaders in their fields. This podcast helps potential recruits understand what to expect and how to prepare for their military journey, making it a must-listen for aspiring soldiers.

#6 Veterans Chronicles

Link: Veterans Chronicles

For those seeking personal stories from military veterans, "Veterans Chronicles" is an excellent choice. Hosted by Gene Pell, each episode features an interview with a veteran who shares their experience in the service.

These personal narratives paint a vivid picture of military life and inspire respect for the bravery and sacrifice of servicemen and women. The podcast has gained popularity for its heart-touching accounts and authentic portrayal of veterans' lives.

#7 The Spear

Link: The Spear

Produced by the Modern War Institute at West Point, "The Spear" is a podcast dedicated to the 'pointy end of the spear,' where combat happens. It offers a platform for military professionals to share their firsthand experiences of combat. The raw and vivid storytelling, coupled with strategic insights, makes this podcast a favorite among those interested in understanding the realities of war.

#8 The Dead Prussian

Link: The Dead Prussian

Inspired by the works of Carl von Clausewitz, "The Dead Prussian" podcast seeks to explore war and warfare through various lenses.

Hosted by Mick Cook, it offers a perfect mix of scholarly discussion and real-life military experiences, giving listeners a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Its thoughtful and thought-provoking content has earned it a solid listener base.

#9 Covert

Link: Covert

For those intrigued by the secret operations that have shaped the world, "Covert" is the podcast to tune into. Host Jamie Renell delves into the covert operations behind the world's most significant events, from daring military missions to undercover spy activities.

"Covert" stands out for its riveting storytelling and the meticulous research that goes into every episode, making it a thrilling listen.

#10 Irregular Warfare Podcast

Link: Irregular Warfare Podcast

Another gem from the Modern War Institute, the "Irregular Warfare Podcast," focuses on the 'gray zone' of conflict, including insurgency, terrorism, and special operations.

Each episode, hosted by Kyle Atwell and Nick Lopez, delves into the complexities of irregular warfare, often featuring experts in the field. Its niche focus and scholarly approach have earned it a dedicated following.

There you have it – the top ten military podcasts of 2023. Whether you're a military professional, a history enthusiast, or just someone interested in learning more about the realities of war and defense, these podcasts have something to offer. So grab your headphones and get ready to dive deep into the captivating world of military podcasts.

Ryan Green May 18, 2023

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