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OAR: Mechanical Comprehension Test

Bianca Decu
Bianca Decu January 04, 2023
OAR Mechanical Comprehension Test

What is the OAR Mechanical Comprehension Test?

The OAR mechanical comprehension is one of three tests that form part of the overall OAR test. This test is used in the recruitment of Officers into the Navy and Marine Corps.

This mechanical comprehension test assesses candidates' understanding of basic physics principles and concepts taught at school and college. As with all subsets of the OAR test, the mechanical comprehension test is a timed test.

An understanding of physics principles is vital for those at Officer level. As the OAR test is scored cumulatively, attaining a high score in this subset of the OAR test is important to achieving a high score in the overall test.

The format of the OAR Mechanical Comprehension Test

The mechanical comprehension test is a multiple-choice question and answer test. This test assesses a candidate's understanding of physics concepts such as

  • Pressure
  • Tension
  • Volume
  • Physics laws
  • Electricity
  • Engines
  • Weight and mass

Questions are presented to candidates in various formats: text or diagram along with multiple choice answers.

Candidates need to use their understanding and knowledge of physics concepts and apply them to the question being asked to select the correct answer.

As with all OAR subset tests, the mechanical comprehension test is a timed test. In this test, candidates have 15 minutes to answer 30 questions. Again, the questions are adaptive, so the better a candidate is doing in the test, the more complex the subsequent questions get.

How is the OAR Mechanical Comprehension Test scored?

As the mechanical comprehension skills test is a subset of the OAR test, it is scored on a point-based cumulative system.

To give the best chance of answering all of the questions in the allocated time, it is recommended that candidates spend between 1 - 1.5 minutes on each question. The more questions a candidate answers in the test, the more points are scored, so it is advisable to work quickly but accurately.

OAR Mechanical Comprehension Test Tips

1. Refresh your memory of basic physics concepts and principles

The mechanical comprehension test asks questions that require candidates to apply basic physics concepts. It is important to make sure that you know about these concepts and are able to apply these principles to calculate your answers.

2. Practice

It is always advisable to practice questions before sitting the actual test itself. Make sure you spend equal time on all of the questions when practicing. Don't be tempted to skip the questions that you find challenging; the test requires all-around physics knowledge.

3. Practice under timed conditions

One of the aims of practicing tests is to become familiar with the way the questions are presented. Another aim is to simulate how you will react in the test itself. To do this, make sure that you set the timer when you practice tests. You want to become comfortable with how you react when under pressure in a timed test. So simulating these conditions when you practice will help you feel more confident when you sit the actual test.

4. Stay calm

Even if you don't feel confident in this subset of the OAR test, stay calm. Try and think rationally when answering the questions. If you have practiced the tests and revised physics concepts, take confidence that you have done everything that you can to give yourself the best opportunity to perform well in the test.

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Bianca Decu January 04, 2023

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