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OAR: Math Skills Test

Heidi Mülla
Heidi Mülla January 04, 2023
OAR Math Skills Test

What is the OAR Math Skills test?

The OAR Math skills test forms part of the OAR test battery, which is used as part of the selection process for Officer level roles in the Navy and Marine Corps.

The test assesses general math-based knowledge and principles taught at school or college. The OAR Math Skills test is a timed test, and while math principles are evaluated in the test, the use of a calculator isn't permitted.

An understanding and knowledge of math-based principles are essential for roles in the Navy and Marine Corp. As the results of the OAR test are cumulative, doing well on the Math skills test will mean that candidates can attain the minimum score required to pass the OAR.

The format of the OAR Math Skills Test

The math skills test is presented as a series of questions with multiple choice answers. The questions are adaptive; the better a candidate is doing on the test, the harder the subsequent questions will be.

The format of the questions varies and could be word-based or numerical-based. The test assesses math principles such as geometry, fractions, ratios, percentages, roots. Calculations on distance, area, and equations are also included in the test.

There is a 40-minute time limit on the test with 30 questions to answer. While the questions themselves aren't difficult, the timed element of the test can add extra pressure.

How is the OAR Math Skills Test scored?

The math skills test is part of the overall OAR test, which is scored on a point-based cumulative system. It is recommended that candidates spend 1 - 1.5 minutes on each question to complete the math skills test. The more questions a candidate answers in the test, the more points scored to contribute to the overall test cumulative score.

OAR Math Skills Test Tips

1. Practice the test under timed conditions.

The test is timed, and this timed element puts candidates under extra pressure to answer all of the questions within the allotted time. Practicing the test under timed conditions will mean that you become comfortable with the time pressure.

2. Refresh your memory on math-based principles

The math skills test assesses a candidate's knowledge and mathematical ability across a range of concepts. Refresh your memory on the basic principles of geometry, fractions, and equations so that you can tackle these questions within the allotted time.

3. Read the questions and answers carefully

When answering questions in a timed test, it is often easy to skim read the question in your haste to calculate and answer the question. It is essential to stay calm and properly read both the questions and answers so you spend time performing the correct calculation and then selecting the correct answer from the multiple-choice options given.

4. Practice your mental arithmetic

While practicing under timed conditions is important, it is also important to practice your mental math. Once you have refreshed your memory of basic math principles, use these principles to practice the tests. Don't skip the questions that you find challenging but make sure you spend equal time on all of the math concepts assessed in the test.

5. Be positive.

Go into the test with a positive mindset. Get a goodnight's sleep the night before you sit the test. If you have practiced tests, refreshed your memory of math principles, then feel confident that you have given yourself the best opportunity to perform at your best when you take the test.

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Heidi Mülla January 04, 2023

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