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British Army ACT: Deductive Reasoning Test Guide

Ryan Green
Ryan Green January 04, 2023
British Army ACT Deductive Reasoning Test

What is the British Army deductive reasoning test?

The deductive reasoning test is the final section of the Army Cognitive Test that every potential army recruit must undertake to find out what career paths are most suitable. It takes place at the assessment centre alongside other required assessments, like a medical examination and a fitness test.

In the deductive reasoning test, candidates are being assessed on the way they use logic to make a reasoned deduction based on information given. It is about being able to use all the information available to make the right decision, and following an idea to the relevant conclusion.

The full British Army tests can be practiced here.

The format of the British Army deductive reasoning test

Each question in the deductive reasoning test is presented in two stages. In the first part, you will be presented with two statements that are related to each other. These are the facts that need to be used in order to select the right answer.

Each fact is about something relevant to another, and there are usually three related objects. The relationships between each are described.

Once you have memorised the statements, the next step is to choose the correct answer, based on the facts presented. The relationships and the statements themselves are straightforward; the difficulty comes from the abstract nature of the way the test works and the time pressure you will be under to complete the assessment.

How is the British Army deductive reasoning test scored?

As with the rest of the ACT, the deductive reasoning test is scored by the allocation of marks depending on how quickly the candidate has answered the question correctly. Accuracy is as important as speed throughout the ACT, and there is considerable time pressure at every stage.

The score achieved in the ACT is presented as a General Trainability Index (GTI) and is the tool that the Army recruitment team use to decide which career paths and roles are most suited to your abilities and aptitudes. A GTI of 26 is needed to progress through to the next stage of the Army recruitment process.

To have the most choice about your future career, achieving a GTI of 60 is usually needed to open the most career paths for an aspiring soldier - but you will have ample time to discuss career aspirations and next steps with your Candidate Support Manager afterwards.

How to pass the British Army deductive reasoning test

As your GTI will determine the choice you have in your future career with the Army, it is important that you perform to the best of your abilities. In terms of the different tests within the ACT, it is likely that you will be least familiar with deductive reasoning, so practice will make all the difference.

You can find ample resources to help you become better at deductive reasoning, including several free practice tests that you might find useful. However, the best practice available to potential army recruits comes from Mindmill, who are the publishers of the ACT. You can try out every section of the ACT here, and see exactly how the assessment is formatted so that you will feel more comfortable and confident when faced with the real thing.

The assessment centre is meant to be challenging as a whole, but you will have support available as and when you need it thanks to your dedicated Candidate Support Manager who is on hand to answer any questions.

You can improve your chances on the day by ensuring that you are prepared, you have had enough sleep and are well rested. It is also a good idea to be sure to eat nutritionally balanced meals and drink plenty of water in the period leading up to the assessment.

Check out our full British Army ACT aptitude tests page here that includes free tests.

Ryan Green January 04, 2023

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